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The Art of Remodeling: Ambience that Windows Provide

Ambiance: one characteristic of your home created by windows. Whether you choose picture windows, horizontal rollers, architectural windows, project out or awnings, the possibilities of creating the ambiance of a room are limitless. Standard-sized windows are a classic choice that serve function and practicality well, often strategically placed to light their rooms efficiently. Customized windows build upon the practical utilization of light and provide exciting opportunities to further enhance visual impact in addition to their rooms’ ambiance.

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Replacement Impact Windows and Doors: an Investment Not an Expense

For many people, home improvement projects will be a reality over the course of their homeownership. According to a 2014 Real Estate Rebound report compiled by Ebiquity for American Express, 35 percent of homeowners cite the desire to express individual style as the primary reason for making home improvements, while 30 percent state the increase of property value as the main motivation for remodeling. In that respect, home improvements run the gamut of small DIY efforts like repainting a room to larger jobs of replacing a roof, doors or windows. With almost 75 percent of homeowners investing an average of $4,000 in their home improvement projects, however, the common concern among all is value.

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Remodeling Rebound 2015: An Innovative Plan for Exceptional Home Renovation

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies 2015 report, Emerging Trends in the Remodeling Market, indicates that the remodeling industry has almost fully rebounded from the 2007-2009 recession that was initiated by the collapse of the eight billion dollar housing bubble. In comparison with the general housing market, the hardier recovery of the home remodeling sector can be attributed to:

  • Homeowners with lower interest rates deciding to remodel rather than buy new homes
  • Stimulus programs giving tax breaks for homeowners using energy-efficient home products
  • Growing rental property demand compelling landlords to reinvest in leased property
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Investing in Entry Doors: Options to Fit Every Home and Budget

Trying to reimagine front entry doors is like trying to reinvent the wheel. There’s just no denying that front entrance doors make the first impression of your home and, as it turns out, you! But, aside of placing you at the top of the community call tree by advancing your home’s curb appeal, replacing your front entry door system also offers financial rewards.

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Installation 101

Bravo! You’ve made the shrewdest decision possible of ensuring the safety of your family, heirlooms and value of your home by choosing to protect its weakest points with impact windows and doors. It was an exhilarating project, wasn’t it; selecting from countless options of functions, styles and looks to precisely fit such a one-of-a-kind environment? Are you considering now whether to take a vacation in preparation for the installation of your home investment? Think again; it’s plain sailing from here!

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HVHZ and You

Blue water, beaches and relief from personal income taxation are a few reasons that make living in South Florida extra special; another is the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) which is comprised of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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Hurricane Preparedness: Be Ready Before You Have To Be

On August 24, 1992, the eye of Hurricane Andrew made landfall at Elliot Key and soon after passed over the Miami, Florida, neighborhoods of Homestead, Florida City and Kendall, destroying them. Property damage in Florida reached $25.3 billion and left 160,000 homeless in Miami-Dade County forcing the meticulous review and overhaul of the Florida Building Code, home inspection practices and code enforcement.Though a record setting nine years have passed since Florida has experienced a hurricane that has made landfall (the last was Wilma in 2005), it is important to be proactive and prepare before a storm arrives. Florida natives or longtime residents that have experienced the trip to the grocery store or gas station upon the approach of a hurricane can appreciate that last minute preparation of your home is not a feasible option. The additional one million people that have moved to Florida since Wilma made landfall in 2005, many of which have not experienced a hurricane and are not familiar with the exercise in preparedness, have immense potential to be last minute competitors for goods and services when the next storm arrives. All Floridians’ safety depends on our timely preparation to protect our homes and families.

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Home Protection: the Multifunction of Impact Resistant Glass Window Systems

The windows of your home are points of entry for the elements, intruders, noise and UV light; all of which are best left outside, wouldn’t you agree? Contemporary window systems offer efficient solutions to these problems. With modern technology, gone are the days of ugly shutters, security bars and reflective silver tinting in favor of beautifully styled windows of greatly improved quality and functionality. Investing in a new impact resistant window system to protect your home’s most vulnerable points is an astute first step in creating a secure, peaceful environment to enjoy.

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French Doors: Larger Living in Affordable Style and Security

It’s springtime in the state of endless summer; could this be the right time to lighten up? French doors, a splendid combination of windows and doors, offer the opportunity to open up a room and let the sun shine in. Today, French doors are no longer an energy inefficient luxury or home security risk. High-tech, impact-resistant window and door systems provide protect your family and home investment from extreme weather; insulation from noise, temperature fluctuations and the fading effects of UV rays; and are an unbreachable barrier against intruders.

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Creative Engineering: The Latest and Greatest in Windows

To replace or not to replace, that is the question; there is an entire school of thought that would have one believe that it is nobler not to, and more economical, lest you be hoodwinked by silver-tongued salespeople whose lone goal is to sell you unneeded replacement windows: not so.

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Born in the USA: Your Impact-Resistant Glass Windows and Doors

In 1906, a piece of land along Lake Michigan 25 miles east of Chicago and its railways was determined to be a prime location for the manufacture of steel. The city built there was named after the founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation, Elbert Henry Gary, and was primarily populated by employees of the Gary Works steel mill. For 60 years the mill and town manufactured 67 percent of the steel on the market and survived fluctuations in the industry. Though the mill functions at 30 percent today, it is still Gary, Indiana’s, largest employer; Karl Malden worked there, Joe Jackson worked there and so did my Dad.

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